My Most Important Role as a Business Owner is as Receptionist

I have only recently recognized an intriguing pattern to my incoming calls.

“Hello, Mainline Media, Mike speaking,” I say.

“Oh…yes…hello…I am wondering who I should speak to about a new website?” they say.

” That would be me, Mike Robinson,” I say.

“Oh…ah…great…ok, then…”

It finally occurred to me that this awkward little exchange that kept repeating itself was telling me some very important things about my business. First, callers are accustom to waiting through some ridiculous number of messages, transfers and prompts before speaking to a real person, and second, once they are speaking to a real person, that person is seldom someone who can answer their questions.

As a small web design company that serves the Greater Philadelphia area, I thought it would be wise to relieve myself of the phone answering duties. But, now it occurs to me that this could be a real differentiator and a core benefit of my company.

So, when you call, don’t be surprised when you get to speak to a real person and I can often give you the advice and time and cost estimate right there on the phone.

Call me at 610.518.1865 or submit your web project for estimate

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