Affordable Video Production & Motion Graphics

Have you heard the good news! High quality video and animation are now affordable to small businesses. Mainline Media has been showing Philadelphia small businesses how to add video and animation to their website, their social media and their presentation tools at very reasonable costs and within very short time-frames. Advances in technology and the explosion of online applications and resources gives businesses like yours the ability to create video and motion graphics at a fraction of the cost you’d have to pay just a few short years ago. And while the full-scale production of a lengthy corporate video may still require a significant budget, there are many simple, cost effective solutions that may be just as powerful.

Animated videos

Some good copywriting, some evocative photography and a bit of motion can go a long way toward engaging your audience just enough to get your message across. Add in some appropriate music and you have a short video that can be emotional and compelling.

  • Custom photos
  • Stock photos
  • Stock music
  • Simple animation

Whiteboard videos

A whiteboard animated video is another fun and effective way to add life to your message. In this example for Mainline Media, we simply built a message to animate around our icon. Whiteboard videos can also include hand-drawn illustrations and cartoons, but even the words alone can be an effective way to engage the audience and tell your story.

  • Icons
  • Illustration
  • Stock music
  • Whiteboard animation
eCard for CP

Animated e-card

Video and animation is a good choice whether for an animated e-card to send to clients for the holidays or to depict a quick thought on social media. We can give power to your message with some well chosen photos, clever transitions and engaging copywriting. This particular example uses Flash animation, but could be executed using Javascript and HTML5 as well.

  • Storyboarding
  • Stock photos
  • Stock music
  • Flash animation

Corporate videos

Even the professional corporate video can be made economical with the right planning and resources. Experienced videographers and technicians know how to make efficient use of their time. From planning and storyboarding, to script writing and shot blocking, our resources can bring all the skills to bear to create a video shoot that delivers a professional and engaging final video.

  • Storyboarding
  • Copywriting
  • GoPro, Drone Video
  • Voice Over
  • Video Editing