The Internet Marketing Tree – 2016 Update



I was shocked to find out that my Internet Marketing Tree diagram from a blog post in 2009 resonated with so many. Thank you to all who voiced your appreciation and those who called me or emailed to ask permission to use the diagram. In addition to the many websites and blogs that show some form of the Internet Marketing Tree, I believe it has made it into at least three books! Since designing the diagram seven years ago, I have been wanting to expand it and grow out each branch, but struggled to find the time to do it justice. The version here has seen many design iterations and term changes. I settled on this one mostly because it best fits the look of my new site and updated blog.


For those who haven’t seen the ORIGINAL INTERNET MARKETING TREE, it was my attempt to give my clients a better perspective and understanding of how web marketing strategies and tools fit together. By making the website the trunk of the tree, I show the roots that I believe most important, and how promotional and advertising tactics (now known best as in-bound marketing) branch out and feed back into the trunk. As web marketing has advanced and continues to grow, the tree isn’t a perfect metaphor to cover every option, but it still provides a realistic perspective. I hope you like this version. It is still a work in progress, so feel free to comment and let me know what changes you’d like to see.

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