When It Comes To Technology,
People Still Make All The Difference.

Whether it’s a graphic designer, programmer, or marketing consultant – most professionals in our industry like to wander in their own world, with their own kind, speaking their own language. Mainline Media people recognize the importance of not only knowing the digital marketing industry but explaining it in simple terms to our clients. Technology is our business, but we don’t assume it’s yours, so we make sure not to overwhelm you with a litany of jargon and acronyms. We are not your typical web design agency because we realize that design and technology is simply a means to an end. While other advertising agencies or marketing agencies may jump right into the details of a project, we first make sure to ask the right questions, get all the right answers, and lay out a strategy that is  understood to everyone involved.
creative director

Mike Robinson

President/Creative Director

A twenty-five year veteran of the advertising and design business, Mike Robinson leads Mainline Media by example. From a well-rounded understanding and skill in marketing and media production, Mike drives everybody to create solutions that deliver real business results for our clients.

A native of Ventnor, New Jersey, Mike attended McGill University in Montreal before beginning his career as Marketing Assistant at Gray Rocks Resort in Quebec’s Mont Tremblant region. Mike was trained in marketing strategy, public relations, promotions, media buying, and media design. In 1995, he returned to his native New Jersey, where he worked for a number of regional agencies as a full-time Creative Director, assuming the responsibilities of account direction and production for print, web and multimedia. Over the years Mike has worked with some of the biggest names in their industries including Suzanne Somers, Total Gym™ and TorsoTrack™, The United Way, Pasteur Mérieux Connaught Pharmaceutical, Sunoco, CertainTeed Corporation, and Victoria Jackson Cosmetics.

brent barrett

Brent Barrett

Lead Project Manager

Brent has spent over twenty years as a producer for all types of media projects. His early career was spent assembling complex and multi-faceted multi-media presentations for the pharmaceutical industry. He honed his skills as a producer for big pharma, overseeing large-scale projects for Merck, Pfizer and Novartis. In 2002, Brent started his own agency, based in Montreal, Quebec, where he brought his talents to help small businesses launch their first websites.

Today, Brent brings his knowledge, his network and his project efficiency to Mainline Media to help our small business clients achieve big things with limited budgets.

rob swick

Rob Swick

Marketing/Content Director

A communications professional for over twenty-five years, Rob leads the company’s marketing and strategy. Rob’s broad media background includes marketing, writing, and consulting roles. As a writer and communication strategist, Rob has countless websites and CD-ROMs to his credit, including the development of major online campaigns for international corporations Novartis and Merck Frosst Pharmaceuticals. As a project and account manager, Rob supervised the creative and strategic development of the award winning Merck & Co. Health Infopark. Before being bitten by the Internet bug in 1996, Rob was a broadcast journalist with CBC Radio Canada, and a feature and technical writer for magazines.

seo and sem expert

Sue McCrossin

SEO and SEM Consultant

Sue McCrossin has supported Mainline Media in a consulting capacity since 2012, providing consultation and execution of  SEO and SEM strategies. She graduated from Penn State University with a BA in 1982 and has worked in various programming and marketing capacities since that time at companies including: Shared Medical Systems, Lukens Steal, Vanguard, Knowledgeware, and Boomtown Internet Group.  She is currently responsible for inbound marketing for over 60 companies in a consulting capacity, including Content Marketing, SEO, Analytics Reporting, Tag Manager setup, Social Media Optimization and Reputation Management. She is fully certified in Google Analytics and Tag Manager. Outside of work her interests include hiking, biking, photography, painting, and ceramics.

jenn amell

Jenn Amell


Jenn is a published author. Her dream is to become a successful novelist and she is constantly working on her craft and her fiction in her spare moments. In the meantime, she brings her talents for story-telling and writing meticulous pros to Mainline Media’s clients. Her brand of writing and editing always draws out the compelling story and turns ho-hum corporate copy into a compelling, relevant and persuasive narrative.

freelance graphic design

Pamela Robinson

Art Director

Pam brings a wealth of experience as a graphic designer and creative director to Mainline Media. Her keen eye for the subtleties of design, color and layout often make the difference meeting expectations and surpassing them. Having worked on accounts as large as Sun Oil, Sunshine Cookies, Tyco Toys and Lucent Technologies, Pam knows the value of getting high-quality work done on-time and on-budget. Pam has a BA from Glassboro State College and over 20 years in the design and marketing industry.

James Hoff

Lead Web Developer

As the lead developer at Boomtown Internet Group, James has been supporting Mainline Media with WordPress website development and e-commerce programming since 2012. His core interests include database-driven web applications, web standards compliance, and SEO friendly code. His core expertise covers the Open Source LAMP technologies (MySQL, PHP) and he is an expert in WordPress and WooCommerce.

James graduated in 2002 from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Computer Science. Outside of programming, his interests include baseball, weightlifting, and reformed theology.

.net expert

Brian Donahue

Application Developer

With over 15 years of experience in software development, Brian has delivered solutions for clients in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets, for some of the best known brands in the pharmaceutical, retail, real estate, and financial services industries. Brian operates his own team through Philadelphia’s Vitreo Solutions.

He specializes in custom business software development, application development and Web applications. He has a wide range of programming expertise including: .NET, ASP.NET, C#, SQL and NOSQL/Document Databases, Cloud Infrastructure, Event-Driven Architecture, Messaging/Distributed Architecture, Ruby on Rails and Open Source.