Our Process to Better, Faster, Cheaper

Climb aboard The Braided Rocket©!

After working in the traditional agency structure for years, principals Mike and Rob saw first hand the flaws that lead to inferior quality and wasted time and cost. The large web design agency, just like the large advertising agency, has become a relic and especially  inefficient for small business marketing. The traditional agency process is bloated and stratified, requiring too many people and too many stages. Our answer is the Braided Rocket!

Typical agency process and division of labor:

Web Agency Process Diagram

The Braided Rocket© – Our integrated production process:

Web Development Diagram

A better process means faster, better, cheaper.

The Braided Rocket shows how we tackle the key tasks cooperatively and simultaneously, making adjustments along the way to maximize the quality and effectiveness of the final product. We can only do this by maintaining a small team where each member has the skill and judgement to see the big picture. We also use the latest tools to stay in constant communication, able to confer at a moments notice and keep the project moving along without a hitch.

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