Small Team, Big Capabilities

High performance marketing communications at low cost.

We know what it’s like to search for good creative marketing talent. Mike Robinson and Rob Swick, the principals of Mainline Media, once sat where you sit now, struggling to find good, smart, industrious marketing people for the companies they worked for; marketing copywriters, web designers and developers with the skill to do the job right, and the integrity to get it done efficiently and on time.

Over a decade of proven communications success.

Mainline Media opened in 2004 in response to a void in the web design industry. The Internet was still relatively new. While web designers were popping up everywhere, strategy was sorely missing. Especially in the internet marketing efforts of small and medium sized businesses. Mainline’s answer was to provide small business with access to the talent, tools and techniques once exclusive to big businesses (with big budgets). Our cost-effective internet marketing services can level the playing field for smaller companies, allowing them to compete with (and even beat) their larger competition. With decades of experience, and skill, Mainline Media is happy to bring that top-tier expertise and design production to you.

Left brain, right brain thinking.

With us, thinking and planning come first. Our writers, graphic designers and programmers can see the big picture and truly serve the client’s best business interests. We’ve assembled a talented team of internet marketing experts. Each is capable of wearing several hats through the creative process. Our people use both sides of their brain and merge clear business strategy with great creative inspiration.

Thinking inside the box, first.

We think function before creativity. Before it makes sense to think ‘outside the box’, good marketing design calls for first understanding the market  situation, the audience, and your competitors. Website design is not an art project to be judged on looks alone. Instead, it has much more to do with creating something functional and highly communicative. A website is a communication tool and needs to be as clear, user-friendly and intuitive as possible.

Our Marketing

“To offer clients the full range of expert web services at an unbeatable value. We use Internet research, analysis and strategic planning to lay the foundation for clients’ return-on-investment, and to help our clients realize the power of the Internet as their most cost-effective and cost-efficient marketing vehicle.”

– Mike Robinson