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You’ve planted a solid tree. Now, it’s time to branch out.

Think of your marketing like a tree. If you’ve planted solid roots in fertile ground, you can expect to grow something tall, thick and mighty. And think of your advertising and promotion like the branches of that tree, reaching upward and outward over time. Then think of each branch shooting off into sub-branches and the leaves that bud, grow and ripen, and you have a pretty good picture of how great marketing strategy builds on itself and feeds a common purpose. We can help you select which branches of promotion and advertising will bear the most fruit.

Search Engine Optimization

Mainline Media excels in the art and science of getting top rankings on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. We win top placements through aggressive white-hat SEO strategies. We can show you how to reap the benefits of sustained visibility. Our particular expertise in SEO stems from our experience as content experts. Few SEO experts know how to strike the balance between copy that achieves search ranking and copy that persuades customers. And best of all – our SEO packages are designed specifically for small businesses, helping them realize the web as their most cost-effective and efficient marketing vehicle.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media is the hottest topic for internet marketers and for good reason. Sites and services like Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest(it goes on and on) have changed the internet marketing landscape for good. For companies, optimizing your social media presents many opportunities. To take full advantage requires some thoughtful planning. We can help you:

  1. Understand the social media landscape
  2. Get started in the social media communities best suited to you
  3. Create a strategic plan that identifies the achievable marketing goals
  4. Work within your budget and timeframe to make it all happen.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Organic SEO isn’t the only way to get to the top. Google, Bing and Yahoo allow for the placement of text ads for specified search terms that you only pay for when clicked. This is a quick and cost-effective way to start drawing qualified traffic to your site, especially if there isn’t time for a complete SEO campaign to mature. We have certified SEM professionals to help you set up and execute a successful and measurable PPC campaign, no matter your product, service or market.

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Online Advertising ( Banner Advertising)

From creating static or rich-media banner ads to advising on ad placement opportunities, Mainline can help clients promote themselves nationally, locally or anywhere in between. Online advertising may be the quickest, easiest way to put your message in front of the right audience, but it takes forethought and skill to cut through the advertising clutter and deliver a short, sweet message to draw the right traffic.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is what works today. We help small businesses create compelling brand images – and with content marketing, great brand messages too. Attracting new business is the main goal of content marketing, but branded content has the added benefit of focusing your company’s marketing messages for the long term. We can help you establish the correct voice, and create engaging content, and then distribute it through all the right channels. The end result is not just good for attracting customers, it also boosts your SEO profile. Whether you just need a strategic consultation or a full blown content marketing campaign, Mainline is here to help.

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Are you saying what your customers want to hear?

HOW POWERFUL IS YOUR BRAND MESSAGE? Most advertising messages are little more than a listing of services or products. Typical marketing efforts rely on straightforward, logical descriptions of their business to lure new customers. The problem is that these messages are often too broad, too generic and too irrelevant to even have a chance at being effective. That’s when it’s time to…
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