Web Design & Internet Marketing Prices

Best-practice digital media solutions priced for small business.

With over eighty years of combined experience to draw from, Mainline Media is confident we can design you a website that really delivers. We know what works, what doesn’t and where you can get the biggest bang for the buck. Our growing list of website design and marketing packages is suited to small businesses with tight budgets. We’ve assembled our best set of digital marketing services at very affordable prices, so you don’t just get a website, but a real marketing solution.

Web Marketing Done Cheaper, Faster And Better

Cheap Web Design

While it is not fashionable to be known as a “cheap” agency, we are excited about being able to offer you unbeatable rates for the brand of high quality Internet services we deliver. By spending the time and effort to partner with quality resources from Canada and overseas, we successfully use simple economics to bring cheap website design to our U.S. clients.

Fast Web Design

We have a fluid process that runs from concept to completion. We have designed and launched websites in less than three weeks, but even our typical corporate website design and development takes us less than eight weeks. And in cases where you are in a real rush to launch your website for a coming event or trade show, we have strategies for getting the job done.

Better Web Design

Our expertise in the entire range of web development allows us to build a website that not only looks good, but one that works well and can expand to meet your growing marketing and business needs. Our expertise in interface design and web branding makes our designs and layouts some of the best you’ll find online. Make you website one of them.

Web Design Solutions

Looking for a professional web design or redesign that won’t break your budget? We have the perfect solution for your small business that will supply the firm footing for your marketing for years to come. Our web solutions are low cost, but high on form and function.

  • Fully Customizable Web Theme
  • Content Management
  • Responsive / Mobile-Ready
  • Animation
Starting from $6,825

Web Promotion Start-Up

There’s no end to the number of Internet marketing promotions and initiatives you can find, and many of them would be quite worthwhile. But in our experience with the limited time and budgets of small businesses, we’ve created this marketing package of proven solutions to get your company started right.

  • Organic SEO (Phase I)
  • Social Media (3 Full Profiles)
  • 30 Directory Listings
  • Report & Documentation
Starting from $5,950

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

No one needs to tell you the value of a top ranking on Google. It could easily mean a steady stream of business or perhaps just landing that one big client. SEO has long been considered the best form of advertising and lead generation for most companies. If the opportunity seems ripe for you, it is worth having an SEO expert to help do it right.

  • Competitor Research
  • Search Term Research
  • Search Term Seeding
  • Link Strategy
  • Reporting
Starting from $4,500

Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Google, Bing and any major Search Engine allow the placement of text ads for specified search terms that you only pay for when clicked. This is a quick and cost-effective way to start drawing qualified traffic to your site. While many companies choose to manage their PPC campaigns in-house, there is tremendous benefit in getting an experienced SEM professional to choose optimal keywords, create compelling ad copy and conduct the tracking and campaign adjustment.

  • Search Term Selection
  • Ad Copy
  • Campaign Set Up
  • Campaign Maintenance
  • A/B Testing
  • Reporting
Starting from $1,800/mth


Adding e-commerce to your website can be a simple or complex endeavor. Depending on the number of items, products options, payment terms and shipping details, the amount of work ranges considerably. But the good news is that Mainline can walk you through the entire process and get you set up with a shopping cart and e-commerce platform that is right for you.

  • WooCommerce or Magento
  • Interface Design
  • Shopping Cart Set Up
  • Product Population
  • Shipping Details
  • Pricing Options
Starting from $5,500

Content Marketing

Creating fresh, relevant content is the biggest challenge to businesses large and small, but the rewards of a sustained content marketing strategy are well worth it. Together, we can design a plan that fits your budget and then write the fresh, relevant copy and design the companion graphics for placement on blogs, landing pages, email newsletters, social media, directories and more.

  • Content Strategy & Planning
  • Topic Research
  • Copywriting
  • Graphics
  • Distribution
  • Reporting
Starting from $3,800

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the hottest topic for internet marketers and for good reason. Sites and services like Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus (it goes on and on) have changed the Internet marketing landscape for good. For companies, social media presents many opportunities but to take full advantage requires some serious planning. We help our clients: 1. Understand the social media landscape, 2. Get started in the best social media communities and 3. Create a strategic plan that identifies the achievable marketing goals and works within your budget and timeframes to make it all happen.

Starting from $5,500

The Responsive Website

It’s time to get your website up to date. If you don’t have a website that scales to smartphones and tablets, in addition to desktop monitors and laptops, you are frustrating potential customers or missing them altogether. If you have a website currently, we can adapt your design to mobile and tablet screens. This update has become especially important in light of Google’s latest algorithm changes that give significant weight to responsive and mobile-friendly websites.

Starting from $2,750

Email Marketing

Choosing an email marketing platform like Constant Contact or MailChimp is just one of the considerations in the execution of a successful email marketing campaign. We can design and develop an email template that matches your existing brand and gives you the flexibility to deliver messages of varying size and shape. We can also help you with list building tools that will give you the on-going ability to capture new prospects.

Starting from $5,500