Give Your Copy Some Vitamin C

Vitamin C gives your immune system a boost. Our Vitamin Cs give your message a boost.

Our goal is never to write beautiful pros for its own sake, just like we don’t indulge in creative design without purpose. We like to keep these 3 Cs in mind when writing commercial copy, whether for the web, for print, or broadcast media.


Before anything else, clarity is paramount to delivering an effective message. We never want to risk being so coy or clever as to confuse the reader. First and foremost we want to answer the questions, ‘What do we do?’ and ‘Where do we fit with what the reader already knows?’


Any good copywriter is interested in engaging the audience. To engage we need a compelling message that relates to the reader and quickly communicates the benefit of the service or product. At this point, our creativity is put to work, finding fresh, unexpected language that lends itself to intriguing visuals. If the audience has been made sufficiently clear on what you are about, the purpose of this stage is to answer the question, “why they should care?’


Finally, you need to support your claim in as many ways as possible. Good marketing messages are simple and focused, but it is then the job of the copywriter to answer the question, “why should they believe what you’re saying?” You can lend credibility through customer reviews or endorsements, with statistics or success stories or sometimes just some good, straight logic. Convincing your audience of your authenticity may be the hardest hurdle, but if done well, you’ve cleared the path for a steady stream of loyal customers.

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