Quality Copywriting Matters

We don’t take what you want to say lightly.

Once we establish a clear, compelling and credible visual brand, we turn our attention to the copy and content whose job it is to deliver key messages to your audience. Our mission is simple, but not easy:  To write copy that communicates your strengths, and persuades effectively and efficiently. Copy writing for the web is part science part creativity. It’s important to understand both the opportunities and the confines of the online space. We know how to write copy that lends itself best to the medium.

Dramatizing your message.

The mark of good copy writing is how effectively it dramatizes the message. In all likelihood, you don’t have a brand or brand message that is so unique or shocking that no one has seen or heard something similar. But our copywriters know what resonates with customers, and have creative strategies to spice up even the simplest message, breathing life into it and providing the power it needs to do the job. Through story telling, metaphors, humor, or even simple alliteration, we make sure your copy will be striking all the right notes.

Benefits before features.

Rewriting or editing existing corporate copy almost always involves shifting perspective. We often get service listings and product descriptions, company accomplishments and personal credentials, mission and vision statements – all good information if your customers were taking a course on business. But customers are interested in something else. They are interested in themselves and how you can help them. We look at the content from the reader’s perspective, and rewrite the copy to appeal to them first and foremost. We rewrite the message, making the benefit the star and move the features to a supporting role.

Fake it ’til you make it.

In situations where our client doesn’t have a compelling, benefit-driven solution, we move to another tactic. We turn our full attention on the audience and describe their pain and their desire better than anyone else. This form of empathy proves quite effective, making the customer feel so well understood that they simply assume the author is the best to solve their problem.

The key to keywords.

Writing good copy for the web almost always involves writing for the search engines. While SEO strategy extends beyond the copy on your website, what you write and how you write it will always be a  major component of search optimization. You may have noticed that the copy on this website is optimized for key terms, but hopefully you don’t find the repetition of terms so obtrusive as to interfere with the message. We strive to strike that balance between text the search engines with like and copy the target audience will love.

Put Your Pitch on the Page

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The Hardest Working Home Page

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Give Your Copy Some Vitamin C

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