Greater Philadelphia Full Service Internet Marketing Company

Small marketing company able to see and execute the big picture.

Mainline Media goes far beyond web design and web development to give SMB’s (small and mid-sized businesses) the power to leverage their online opportunities for years to come. When done right, there is nothing like the Web to draw awareness, engage visitors, and win new business. Mainline Media, based in Greater Philadelphia, is a small company with big capabilities, and through our research tools and skills, marketing expertise, and superior web design and development, we are a supremely cost-effective, cost efficient marketing resource.

Effective marketing and advertising initiatives, whether they are websites, brochures, ads or mass media, require the collaboration of many skills. Mainline Media has the expertise in marketing, research, design, programming and promotion to see every project through from inception to completion.

Online Research

Anything worth doing is worth doing well, and that makes research an important phase of any project. Understanding your business, your competition, your industry, your markets is a vital first step and because we bring the experience as internet marketing professionals, we bring research skills and depth of analysis that often sheds new perspective and offers fresh solutions.

Internet Marketing

Every business, large or small, needs some form of digital marketing strategy. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or overly complex, but setting goals, priorities, and a plan of execution is the best way to save time and money as well as giving your efforts the best opportunity to succeed.

Digital Branding

Branding isn’t just for the big boys. The democratic nature of the Web allows even the smallest business to present themselves as polished, professional, and credible. A little thoughtfulness about your brand and online position will go a long way toward establishing your website as an aggressive marketing tool and not just another brochure website.


It is true that most won’t read all you have written on your website, but that doesn’t diminish its importance. We believe in crafting good engaging copy through strong headlines, descriptive subheads, captions, bolds and links that allow the reader to grasp your message and be compelled to act. Good copy lends itself to strong visuals and provides the supporting arguments that persuade your prospects to trust you as valuable resource.

Design & Layout

For Mainline, the primary purpose of good web design is to portray credibility, promote usability and communicate the core messages through the use of color, layout and images. This isn’t to say that our web design isn’t appealing and creative, but we always make a point to design with clear purpose and not get preoccupied designing simply for design sake.

Web Development

The attention paid to diligent research, smart strategy and good design isn’t worth much without great execution…and that is never a problem at Mainline. Our developers stay on top of their game, and stay cutting edge with the latest programming languages, tools and methods to make sure your website downloads fast, performs well and remains flexible to updates and changes.

Turn your website into a steal trap.

Simple tools and techniques to capture your visitor’s attention and their information.



Advertise a contest on your home page for something that would appeal to your audience. Make it quick and easy for them to enter by only requiring their email address and before long you will have compiled a great list of prospects.


Add to the contest by asking for participants to answer a few simple questions. Make sure the questions are short and clear with multiple choice answers, and soon you’ll have some great data and actionable statistics.


Create or compile articles that would be interesting to your audience and ask for them to subscribe in order to receive them. This not only gives the impression that the information is valuable, but it gets you their contact information in the process.


Create a newsletter sign-up that promises and delivers great information and you can generate a great list of prospects.