Expert Web Development & Coding

A great website needs great execution.

Our web developers are not your average code monkeys. Just like our writers and graphic designers, they are good at wearing several hats and know how to keep their eyes on the ultimate objective. For any project, there are always choices to be made, any number of ways to go about accomplishing the same thing, and we put a premium on developers who can think and use good judgement through the entire development process.

Choosing the right solution.

One of the marks of a good developer is an appreciation and understanding of the project as a whole. Good programmers don’t just start writing code. They plan and prioritize so they can maximize their effort and work most productively. Our programmers hate to waste time and that’s good news for our clients and our clients’ budgets. Our developers are always quick and efficient and pride themselves on matching the correct development solution to your project.

No project too big or small.

Mainline Media has deep web programming talent and long term strategic partners that enable us to meet any development challenge. For small businesses, our WordPress web themes are a robust and economical solution. If you need to customize of a theme, minor or major, we can custom code and add any feature or function you can think of. And if your project requires an enterprise-level, multi-faceted application solution, we too have the expert resources to bring to bear.

Ecommerce. Content Management. Responsive.

Our expert team is fully capable of developing websites and online applications that deliver on form, function and features. Our experience with e-commerce, content management systems, and responsive design makes Mainline Media an unbeatable value in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Programming expertise:

  • Ajax
  • CSS, Tableless Design
  • Javascript
  • SQL and NOSQL Databases
  • Object Oriented PHP
  • ASP / .NET

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Put Your Pitch on the Page

EARLY ADVERTISING WISDOM Famous ad man, Fairfax Cone said, “Advertising is what you do when you can’t be there in person.” It seems businesses have forgotten this wisdom from the early days, unwittingly tamping their natural salesmanship and opting for safe corporate-speak in all their marketing. It always strikes me how much more intrigued and…
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