Affordable Digital Marketing

Maximizing the effectiveness of your digital marketing dollar.

Making digital marketing affordable, means making sure it is effective. You may be familiar with search engine optimization, content management, and social media marketing, but without stepping back to see how and where all these pieces fit, building a truly successful website becomes a daunting task. Without an overall digital marketing strategy, clearly defined goals, creating isolated web initiatives is often a waste time, effort and money.

We look more than screen deep.

Ironically, great web design has relatively little to do with “design” and more to do with the unseen, upfront work done long before the choice of color, pictures and layout. We use the term “Web design,” because it is convenient and recognizable, but our goal is bigger than that. We want to create a powerful and sustainable online presence that gives your visitors what they want. Digital marketing provides the most efficient and effective way for you to market your company, bar none. Understanding the many components and how they fit together is your best bet to creating a strong and consistent source of new customers and new revenue.

The 4 Pillars of Best Practice Web Design

There are 4 pillars on which all components of web design can be categorized and understood. We commonly get requests to help clients with singular initiatives like search optimization, banner ads or email marketing, but it is important to be conscious of where and how the initiative fits in relationship to an overall strategy.
attract engage inform convert diagram

01 Attract

Draw in as many as you can.

A great website isn’t worth much without traffic. We believe in exploiting as many advertising tactics as possible, using pull techniques like SEO and push techniques like ads and brochures. Ultimately your success depends on winning the numbers game and the more traffic you can draw and drive to your site, the better your chances of turning a simple website into a powerful and sustainable marketing tool.

02 Engage

Quickly capture their attention.

We often get requests to create SEO or PPC campaigns for clients who want to create a swell of new visitors to their websites. But getting visitors to your website is hardly worth it if your site doesn’t have the power to engage the audience once they arrive. We build engagement with strong copywriting, great images and graphics and just the right amount of interactive motion. When three seconds are all you have to convince a visitor to stay, you need to give them something captivating.

03 Inform

Give them the information they want.

Once you have your visitor’s attention and their interest has been nurtured, it’s time to give them the detail. It’s important not to bombard them with too much too soon, but your website is the perfect repository for all your product and service information. A smart navigation and site map, along with well functioning search and sort features are the hallmarks of any good website.

04 Convert

Call them to action.

Too often, web pages don’t push for the conversion or even make the next step obvious enough. Having a contact page is not a substitute for a clear and well placed call-to-action that moves the viewer to where you ultimately want them. Whether the result is a phone call, fill out a form, download a paper or free trial, your ROI will be significantly increased by injecting your website with a clear, well-placed CTA.

Web Design is Not Graphic Design

Mainline Media Internet Marketing Tree Graphic

Great web design is much more than just good graphic design. It is the execution of a goal-oriented digital marketing strategy that communicates a compelling message and well-organized content through a credible, usable interface.

Like a mighty tree, a strong website has deep roots:

and a thick trunk

  • Intuitive Architecture
  • Great Design
  • Engaging Content
  • Flawless Function

and many long branches