Digital Branding for Small Business

“Brand,” is one of those marketing terms bandied about in conference rooms, sometimes without anyone really knowing what the others are talking about. To some, brand means a logo and tagline, to others, it is complete image-building exclusive to the Coca-Colas and Starbucks of the world. The definition we choose goes well beyond the logo, but puts it well within reach of today’s small businesses. And, without a doubt, it is the single most important piece of your marketing puzzle.

Make a great first impression.
Make a great lasting impression.

Brand is about impression. More specifically, the impression you make and leave in the minds of your audience. Brand is not a business description, a mission statement, and it’s certainly not a list of services and products. In fact, your brand has much less to do with you then you probably ever imagined. Try as you might to convince your customers of your greatness, your brand is largely in their hands and in their mind. This is especially true today, when reviews and comments and independent ratings are so easily created and readily accessible. And while you can’t dictate your brand, you can certainly take steps to influence, guide and cultivate the brand that is most desirable.

Stand in your customer’s mind.

Walk in their shoes, see through their eyes, however you like it put, we help our clients look at themselves from their customers’ perspective. It is common for companies to be so close and intimate with their own business that they assume their audience knows, understands and cares far more than they do. The exercise of standing in your customer’s mind will enlighten and lead the way to a more compelling and successful brand.

Set yourself apart.

Digital branding also requires a heavy dose of positioning. The Web is crowded with businesses that do, or seem to do, the exact same thing. If you craft your brand and brand message without considering the landscape, you put yourself at a great disadvantage. Our purpose is to help you audit and assess your competition and devise a brand strategy that positions you in a place you can win.

The good news.

Most of your competitors don’t do branding well. Good branding requires a level of judgement, attention and dedication not widely appreciated or executed. Let your competitors concern themselves with the size of their logo and the colors or their website, while we help you create a focused and powerful brand message built to attract, engage and convert new business for years to come.

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“Make your BRAND less about what you want to say, and more about what they want to hear.”

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