Expert Graphic Design for Small Business

Graphic design, designed to deliver.

In advertising, design is most commonly associated with graphic design, but we believe that the best design involves far more than simply choosing colors, formatting layout and selecting images. Whether in web design, print design or design for animation and video, good design always begins with understanding the objective and remaining true to the purpose.

The purpose of good design.

Online or off, there are many examples of good looking design, attractive layout, alluring visuals, harmonious color schemes, and we’d like to claim responsibility for some of them. But we believe good design has a very clear and defined purpose – to lend instant credibility. We talk about creating “credibility cues,” in our designs to lend immediate credence to our client’s message (often in the form of a testimonial, a rating, or an award) but the professionalism of the design is itself the most visible credibility cue. When we have only three seconds to make an impression, a good design alone can buy you the time you need.

Web & Interactive Design

Web designers sometimes graduate to UI designers (User-interface designers) or UX designers (User-experience designers), and while fancy titles aren’t what matters most, it is true that designing for the web is different than other forms of graphic design. Especially with the variety of screen sizes and devices now in play, having a web designer with skill and extensive digital experience can make all the difference. In addition to graphic considerations like alignment, composition and color harmony, our web designers know about eye-path tendencies, responsiveness, browser issues, and image optimization. These are just some of the details that often go unnoticed, but are crucial for producing a great website.

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Logo Design

The design or redesign of your corporate logo could be the single most important marketing decision you make. Mainline has designed hundreds of logos for companies in nearly every industry. We take a strategic approach to design logos that are powerful, distinctive and that work well in all the varieties of applications and sizes.

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Our Graphic Design Does More

Home Page Diagram

Great graphic design does more than look good. We don’t design pretty websites; we design websites to work, and work hard. There is a strategy and purpose behind every pixel. Take a look our home page diagram to see what goes into making it a powerful marketing tool.