We Used Jotform to Power Our Covid-19 Survey

When the Covid crisis hit and typical client work began to wane for Mainline Media, we pivoted to building our own online properties that could both help the situation and potentially provide a revenue stream down the line. One of these efforts was called YourRiskScore.org. We tried out several online form builders and chose Jotform as the best equipped and best value.

YourRiskScore.org launched in the summer of 2019 as a questionnaire to help people gage their relative level of risk to contraction, hospitalization and death from Covid-19. We asked a series of questions relating to the respondents adherence to safety guidelines, their demographic makeup and their geographic location and calculated a risk number they could compare to their optimal attainable number. The survey also acted as an effective way to educate respondents about the health and safety guidelines at the time.

The results turned out better than expected and a surprising number of people took the survey and hopefully got some helpful tips along the way.