Mont Blanc Resort: A Web Success Story

A Web Success Story

Mont Blanc Ski Resort is one of Quebec’s largest ski mountains. When we approached them in the summer of 2002 they had a website that lacked real marketing power . In less than 6 weeks we developed a new website that was clearly branded, aggressively promoted, and made good use of several innovative web tools. Our efforts brought about a 30% increase in their winter revenue and built a strong marketing foundation that could grow revenue and reduce costs for years to come.

A Simple Change

We first changed their domain name from to Many companies make the mistake of choosing a domain name that isn’t user-friendly. The hyphens, in this case, proved to be a real obstacle for web surfers looking specifically for the Mont Blanc website.

Powerful Branding and Positioning

We then set off to brand and position Mont Blanc as the “The Region’s Family-Friendly Ski Resort.” Against formidable competitors, Mont Blanc’s best opportunity was to win the family market concerned with value and atmosphere. In design, photography and content, we developed online and off-line collateral that established a clear and consistent brand.

The Website as a Customer Magnet

Our search engine research showed that certain terms and phrases were far more popular than others. Search Engine Optimization became a driving force behind the structure and content of the site. We targeting 5 key phrases and won high first page rankings for all of them on all major search engines.

A Visitor Survey Tool

We fit the site with a survey tool that encourages site visitors to fill out a questionnaire, leave their email addresses, and sign-up for an email notice on their choice of resort specials and events. We achieved a sign-up rate of more than 6 visitors per day ending up with a pre-qualified list of over 900 names and addresses by the end of the first season.

An Email Template Tool

We built an editable email engine that allowed them to customize and send rich, graphic emails whenever to whomever. Mont Blanc used it effectively to keep their customers and prospects informed of specials, events and plans for expansion.

The Grand Results:

  • New website achieved a high first page ranking on all major Search Engines
  • The new site drew 850 visitors per day. Up from 200 with the old site.
  • 50% of new site visitors came from search engines.
  • Mont Blanc enjoyed a 30% growth in total revenue.
  • Hotel revenue from the website alone saw 100% growth from the previous year
  • The Visitor Survey Tool gathered over 900 names and addresses
  • The Visitor Survey Tool gathered valuable feedback and market data
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