Rich, Warm Web Design

Our client, Mont Blanc Resort, was launching a new real estate project and asked Mainline Media to create everything from the logo to the full color floor plans. In the start-up phase of the project, we staged a simple website to showcase the architectural renderings and description of what was to come. Once the real estate project was underway we transitioned into a full featured, robust website and sales material to aggressively attract buyers and renters.

The website design has a rich, cozy feel and leaves plenty of space to show off the impressive site photography and renderings. The copywriting was all handled by Mainline Media as well to portray the unique lifestyle offered by the development while providing all the crucial information relevant to their core audience.

Client: Village Mont Blanc

Location: Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

Project Type: Web Design for Real Estate Project

Skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL