Tech Builders Web Interface

This I.T. company based in Exton, PA approached Mainline to help design and develop a website that would rebrand and distinguish them in a very competitive industry. To his credit, the owner had a vision of a brand that was naturally intriguing and that flew in the face of conventional thinking. Rather than create a typical corporate conservative website with copy and images that you’d find on any I.T. company website, we encouraged his interest in putting forth a brash, even cocky, persona. The idea was to create a brand and brand message that screamed “Confidence” and in so doing would convince prospective clients to trust Tech Builders to take over their I.T. monitoring and maintenance. The interface designs shown to the left reflect our translation of that brand.

Client: Tech Builders

Location: Exton, PA

Project Type: Web Design for Technology Industry

Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

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