Technology Web Design

Philadelphia telecom company, Alteva, was a fast growing, innovative leader in the VoIP space when they approached Mainline Media about their need for a new website. But before we launched into the project, we first addressed the need for a rebranding and overall new look and feel, including logo. The logo you see to your left is the update of their previous logo, but with a contemporary flavor that we knew would establish better appeal and credibility.

From there, we wrote the copy for almost all their major landing pages and established the core brand promise, “The VoIP Solution–Built for Big Business–Made Affordable for Small.” The site was also designed to win the search battle, leaving plenty of room to embed SEO keywords and copy. The result was a website that served the company well and they continue to grow as a formidable player in their industry.

Client: Alteva Communications

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Project Type: Web Design for Telecom Technology

Skills: Flash, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL